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2020 was marked by the coronavirus pandemic and massive social change. Although 2020 was challenging for everyone, students who aspired to enter the medical profession were particularly disadvantaged. They still are.

Between MCAT exam cancellations, lost transcripts, cancelled volunteer opportunities, and the emotional challenges many of us faced as frontline workers, we were stretched thin. These circumstances made an already difficult career path even more treacherous to navigate. Existing inequities in the admissions process only became amplified, and students who identified as being part of groups that were historically underrepresented in medicine were being prevented from pursuing careers in medicine.

In June 2020, we decided to fight for change. We started with our #WaiveTheMCAT campaign, but have since then expanded to raising awareness about the potential loss of diversity facing the medical profession and advocating for change.

In summer 2020, we surveyed over 500 of our peers, met with nearly a dozen elected officials, sent numerous letters to medical schools, and, much to our surprise, actually made an impact! Since then, we have garnered the support of multiple national medical organizations, medical student coalitions, legislators and more.

Learn more about our work and our supporters below.

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